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Taking dark and cramped into light and spacious

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Property is my passion.

While a small minority of us still use a garage for it's intended purpose, more and more of us are utilising this space as household storage - a lot of which won't have seen the light of day for a number of years - a little, out of sight out of mind.

When I was asked to turn a dark and cramped kitchen into a bigger and more usable space for the whole family, the decision to convert the garage to create a stunning, large kitchen, offering family the dining and entertainment space they needed ticked all the boxes.

Under 4 weeks to a new way of living

As Project Manager, I brought in my own team of quality trade professionals, all who work seamlessly together without any downtime waiting for the next trade to become available, allowing this project to be completed in under 4 weeks.

The owner of this house has messaged me since COVID19 to say thanks again "you’ve changed our lives through this situation we’ve been spending time together instead of the kids being in their bedrooms, hubby in the lounge upstairs & me stuck in the kitchen on my own which is helping us get through it as a family".

Let Kate create a home you love to live in

For more details of how I can help you to achieve your property goals, discuss my fees or just to chat through options email or call 07899 881888.

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