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Falling back in love with your kitchen

From cooking up a storm to entertaining our friends and family, the kitchen is most definitely the hub of any household and if it isn’t working for your family life then frustration creeps in. How often have we sat having tea at the kitchen table and wished you were able to give the space a tweak here and there or maybe you have already earmarked an adjoining room for the kitchen of your dreams?

Kitchen Before

Poor workflow can leave you with an area you are constantly fighting against that causes chaos at mealtimes. Storage can leave a lot to be desired too.

Staying in line with the latest trends is always a great idea, however as you only change your kitchen once every 10 years, looking at designs that will stand the test of time is always a winner with me. Making sure that every aspect of the fittings and fixtures can work with the whole family. Whether that’s more space, better lighting or just a simple face-lift.

Asking for expert advice when redesigning your kitchen can help you make the most of your space, even if you have a good idea on what you want.

Kitchen: After

As a Project Manager I can help you fine tune your scheme and help you avoid costly mistakes. With a team of quality trade professionals to hand this also avoids any downtime or stress you may experience when trying to find them yourselves.

We work in harmony on all the projects undertaken and will keep you abreast of progress allowing us to catch any problems before they arise.

Ask Kate for more information

With over nineteen years’ experience in modernising and remodelling properties, I will unlock the potential in your property and create a home that you love to live in for many years to come, suitable for your lifestyle; taking the stress and worry out of renovating your home. I provide structural and decorative advice and project management, allowing you to enjoy the experience happy in the fact that it is being managed by the safe pair of hands of a seasoned professional.

For more details of how I can help you to achieve your property goals, discuss my fees or just to chat through options email or call 07899 881888.

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