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There is nothing like a lockdown to highlight home improvements

These really are unprecedented times, with our amazing key workers holding the Country together. The kids are being home schooled for the first time ever and together with working from home we are also juggling being teacher, fitness instructor & entertainer, whilst managing to cook, clean, iron & just be ‘parents’.

We are all doing what we can to survive and as the Country tries to cope with this terrible situation, how many of us have started to look around our house, getting restless with the niggly things that you have put up with for so long?

If you were to ask yourself, what are the 3 things you would most like to change about your home? What would you say?

How many of the following could you relate to?

You’re cooking in the kitchen whilst the kids are schooling in the dining room… Wouldn’t life be so much easier if ‘that wall’ between the 2 rooms wasn’t there? How much more space could this give you and a more ‘together’ approach to family life?

Do you wish you had a separate home office to get some important work done away from the rest of the family?

Are your tired kitchen cupboards starting to show the strain of the kids constantly opening them to see what snack they can eat next? Mine are!!

Do you wish you had converted the loft last year like you intended to, but instead added it to your never-ending list of jobs ‘to do’? Are you dreaming of that master suite or an extra kids bedroom to stop your 2 youngest squabbling over who’s turn it is on the top bunk?

Finally got around to tidying the garage and realised that this space would be ideal as a partial conversion into an office, fitness room or ‘den’ and still have space for the kids bikes, lawnmower and garden tools!

Do you just wish you had a sanctuary at the bottom of the garden to escape & read a book for half an hour?

If I was your magic lamp, how could I make your life better? Escaping to a desert island is cheating!

This is the perfect time to start making plans for your future home, we absolutely need something to look forward to once this is all over.

Over the last couple of weeks you will have more than likely thought up lots of ways you can improve your home, making it bigger, more family friendly, more coordinated to fit in with your way of life.

I create homes you love to live in… For more details of how I can help you to achieve your property goals, discuss my fees or just to chat through options please email or call 07899 881888

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